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"A Stunning, Revised 'Camelot' for a 'Game of Thrones' generation!"
The genuinely revisionist new production at the Drury Lane Theatre — the local debut of the New York-based director named Alan Souza and authorized by Liza Lerner, the keeper of the flame for musicals by Lerner and Loewe — ponders a rather different question: Wither "Camelot" for a generation seduce...
Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune     Read the full review
"‘Camelot’ Reimagined in Lively and Timely Drury Lane Production!"
Unspooling at a rapid clip, with the years shifting as quickly as the seasons, and the storytelling exceptionally clear, this “Camelot” is very much of the moment in both its political and social tuning. And its full embrace of an ending that suggests idealism is largely a fleeting dream seems just ...
Hedy Weiss - Sun Times     Read the full review
"Drury Lane proves to be the perfect climate for a revival with its lithe and enchanting new production!"
Kevin Depinet's versatile set design is dominated by an immense and intricately gnarled tree but swiftly adapts, along with Lee Fiskness's dramatic, evocative lighting, to suggest various locations. This fresh, bracing production is surely one shining moment for Drury Lane....
Kris Vire - Time Out Chicago     Read the full review
"The energy, the idealism, and the romance win the day for Souza’s Camelot. It worked for me!"
A fresh interpretation of the classic production. I enjoyed this different take on Camelot – surely it isn’t the Kennedy Era sentimental romantic fable. This may be be a good thing. The energy, the idealism, and the romance win the day for Souza’s Camelot. It worked for me....
Tom Williams - Chicago Critic     Read the full review
"It is simply an exceptional, re-imagined, breathtaking production that fans of this musical should not miss!"
The overall power of this “one, brief shining moment” is reason enough to pay a visit to this “Camelot.” It is simply an exceptional, re-imagined, breathtaking production that fans of this musical should not miss....
Colin Douglas - Chicago Theatre Review     Read the full review
"you are guaranteed a night filled with epic battle scenes, beautifully romantic songs, along with plentiful moments of humorous and heart-wrenching performances from an all star cast."
On a grand scale, this production of a timeless classic prospers and leaves you with a triumphant feeling of honor, power, and passion, and is surely not to be missed. This was a very successful production all around. Particularly if you enjoy the medieval renaissance and love a good romantic plot, ...
Luke Simone - Chicago Stage Standard     Read the full review
"The orchestra, conducted by Ben Johnson brings the music to life and the new orchestrations are terrific."
The ensemble is young and energetic with some dance sequences that are rough and ready. Also very impressive was Weir coming back as Pellinore, one of Arthur’s Knights. Weir brings a new flavor to this character, one that truly stands out. The musical numbers in “Camelot” that are well remembered ar...
Alan Bresloff - Around the Town Chicago     Read the full review
"Scenic director Kevin Depinet’s tree, taking up one-third of the set, is heart-breakingly beautiful!"
If you are a fan of the golden-age of musicals, if you haven’t been able to give up your LP of the original cast recording of “Camelot,” with Julie Andrews’ soaring soprano seeming to possess no register changes and making every word clear as a bell while spinning silvery phrases, Robert Goulet’s bu...
Aaron Hunt - New City Stage     Read the full review
"A highlight in Camelot is Travis Taylor’s Lancelot Du Lac, who stops the show with the famous love song 'If Ever I Would Leave You'"
With a vocal quality of Robert Goulet (the originator of the role) and superb acting skills he maintains the difficult French dialect throughout the entire show and delivers one of the strongest performances (although I would have shaved his beard as he looks more Scotch than French). The one thing ...
James Murray - Showbiz Chicago     Read the full review