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"BILLY ELLIOT The Musical"
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"This production, a major achievement for all involved, will dance straight into the hardest of hearts!"
As proof you need only witness the astonishingly beautiful, emotionally devastating production that opened Thursday night at the Drury Lane Theatre, where director-choreographer Rachel Rockwell has grabbed hold of Elton John and Lee Hall’s “Billy Elliot” and not only generated a surge of electricity...
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times     Read the full review
"'Billy Elliot' truly is a triumph of Chicago-style revisionism!"
The Drury Lane "Billy Elliot" comes from Rachel Rockwell, the great child-whisperer of the Chicago theater and a director more dedicated to empowering and igniting kids on a stage than any other I know. But it's thanks most of all to the spectacular Ron E. Rains, who plays Billy's father and who is ...
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune     Read the full review
"Brilliantly directed, expertly performed! One could not ask for a finer, more emotionally engaging production!"
Rockwell can certainly stage spectacle, but even more impressive is her skill at crafting emotionally resonant scenes and her flair for working with children. There's nothing phony or precocious in their performances. Every one rings true....
Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald     Read the full review
"The Drury Lane artistic brain trust should be congratulated... A triumphant level of achievement!"
The show is a stunning meld of dance, song, movement, and dialogue. In its brilliant fusion of all those theater arts, the show reminded me of “A Chorus Line,” and there can be no greater praise than that. Indeed, the extended curtain call at the end of the show takes a page from “A Chorus Line” dow...
Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews     Read the full review
"A production that was far superior to the original that opened in Chicago prior to Broadway."
This production is smoothly directed by Rachel Rockwell, who also handles the choreography. If you have never seen one of her productions, where have you been? Her magic has graced most of the stages in the Chicago area and brings a newness to every show she takes on. Her creativity is amazing! Her ...
Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago     Read the full review
"I was completely blown away, and quite literally in a state of shock at how much I enjoyed it!"
Though you may not believe it because it rarely happens, this production left me speechless. And I’m going back to see it again in a couple of weeks: THAT’S how much I enjoyed it. Once again I have to say that you don’t have to go to the city to see a top-notch show. Drury Lane in Oakbrook is right ...
Melisa Wells, Suburban Scrawl     Read the full review
"Billy Elliot is a Touching and Uplifting Winner all around!"
From its dazzling production designs to the heartfelt messages of acceptance and determination, Drury Lane Theatre's Billy Elliot is a touching and uplifting winner all around. Chicago-area audiences have no excuse for not giving Billy Elliot a second chance for success....
Scott C. Morgan, Windy City Times     Read the full review