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"Grand-Scale, Emotionally Wrenching Production!"
Drury Lane Theatre’s grand-scale, emotionally wrenching production of the work (already extended, as it has proven to be the fastest-selling show in the theater’s 30-year history), is a vivid reminder of the musical’s enduring mix of tragic grandeur and streetwise savvy. And it is immensely enhanced...
Hedy Weiss - Chicago Sun Times     Read the full review
"Richly Textured and Strikingly Fatalistic Production!"
Those notes of sadness, cynicism and pessimism are struck throughout the night, where the stakes remain admirably high, but you can see them especially in the murderous Chino's regrets (he's played by Tommy Rivera-Vega), Bernardo's leaps (by Lucas Segovia) and in the rise and fall of Maria's chest. ...
Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune     Read the full review
"Great Acting, Spectacular Dance and Voices that make the words Dance into your Minds, Hearts and Souls!"
The music is exciting, the dancing under the choreography of Rhett Guter) is amazing and the sets on the stage of Drury Lane Oakbrook by Scott Davis amazingly simple, but sheer perfection, for telling this age-old story. Songs like “Tonight”, “I Feel Pretty”, “Somewhere” , “America” (deliciously pe...
Alan Bresloff - Around the Town Chicago     Read the full review
"I had Great Expectations, which, on several occasions, Drury Lane Exceeded!"
Case in point, Michelle Aravena's commanding turn as Anita. Praised for her performance of the role during 2009's national tour, this triple-threat powerhouse exudes confidence, playing the girlfriend of Sharks gang leader Bernardo as if it were tailor-made for her. You can't take your eyes off her....
Barbara Vitello - Daily Herald     Read the full review
"This Sizzling Staging plays the Heartbreak as if Romeo and Juliet Never Happened!"
What a range for these inexhaustible dynamos! The hot, young troupe tears into the kick-ass gang-banging of the anthemic “Jets Song,” then eases into the lovers’ heartbreaking balletic fantasy of a world without hate. The sure-fire storytelling behind every movement in “America” and especially “Gee,...
Lawrence Bommer - Stage and Cinema     Read the full review
"A Solid Bow of Deserved Gratification for the work of director Rachel Rockwell!"
The phenomenal cast is led by delicate and vocally stunning Christina Nieves as Maria opposite golden voiced and passionate Jim DeSelm as Tony. These two are countered with just as much talent and stage craft by Michelle Aravena as Anita....
Phil Potempa - Northwest Indiana Times     Read the full review
"'West Side Story' could become the Biggest Box Office Hit the Theater’s History!"
The Drury Lane Theatre revival of “West Side Story” could become the biggest box office hit the theater’s history and has already been extended once. And indeed there is much to like in the Drury Lane production, not to mention the show itself....
Dan Zeff - Chicagoland Theater Reviews     Read the full review
"This 'West Side Story' is one you Won’t Want to Miss!"
The red-hot production based on a book by Arthur Laurents, with its music by Leonard Bernstein and passionate lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, has never been hotter. An intense but doomed romance, unresolved racial conflict and pronounced violence are all part of the engaging framework of this timeless, ...
Tom Witom - My Suburban Life     Read the full review
"More Enjoyable than I had Dared To Hope For!"
I was curious to see what the reputable suburban Drury Lane Theatre would do with this passionate virtuoso masterpiece. The answer: much more than I expected. Rhett Guter’s first-class choreography, a stunningly atmospheric set by Scott Davis and more than adequate singing, all under the able direc...
Bill Sweetland - NewCity Stage     Read the full review
"Exquisite Dancing, a Peppy Orchestra, and moments of Genuine Tenderness and Outrage!"
Much credit for the night’s success must go to director Rachel Rockwell, for breathing life into tradition. Scott Davis’s scenic design of a train track proscenium and chain-link fences made this show into a confining underworld. David Woolard and Rick Jarvie’s costume and wig designs aided the ense...
Jacob Davis - Chicago Critic     Read the full review