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"You could hardly ask for More Fun... you are advised to High-Tail it to Drury Lane!"
The truth is, everyone on stage in the Drury Lane Theatre production of “The Game’s Afoot,” Ken Ludwig’s deliciously nutty, sensationally well-done mock-murder-mystery about the New York theatrical set, circa 1936, is in full “actor” mode. And it hardly matters whether they happen to be biting into ...
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times     Read the full review
"Fun filled mystery/comedy garners many laughs as well as some screams all in good fun."
The wacky events with ample Shakespearean quotes and madcap movements is both a comedy treat and a fine mystery. Ken Ludwig tries hard to blend the two styles and he takes a tad too long to ties up lose ends but we laugh and enjoy the journey especially by such a terrific cast lead by Hasenstab and...
Tom Williams, Chicago Critic     Read the full review
"Everyone in the show but the family dog becomes a suspect in a murder!"
Director William Osetek does a commendable job of orchestrating both the comic and suspense elements in the play and the large opening night audience laughed and gasped right on cue. Osetek hasn’t been able to overcome the play’s excessive length and its tendency to wander, but he treats the stereot...
Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews     Read the full review
"'The Game’s Afoot', opening night audience members found themselves Laughing Hysterically!"
Not wanting to spoil the “whodunit” part of this sterling, hysterical comedy, I will only tell you that what you think should be the truth, is often, not so! There is a lot of little innuendos and story telling about each of our actors and their history with one another. As I said before, the second...
Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago     Read the full review
"It’s Exciting and Wonderfully Refreshing... the Perfect End-of-the-Summer Entertainment!"
Although not one of Ken Ludwig’s best plays, this production is pleasantly amusing and often extremely funny as it blends mirth with murder and mayhem. Employing the talents of eight area comic actors, William Osetek has staged a perky, lighthearted diversion that offers theatergoers the perfect end...
Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review     Read the full review
"The Audience Gasped in Alarm while Choking with Laughter... “The Game’s Afoot” is Just the Ticket!"
Drury Lane Theatre rarely departs from its musical theater format, but when it does, a murder mystery is often in the offing. If you enjoy Ludwig’s work in his better-know pieces such as “Lend Me A Tenor” and “Crazy For You,” “The Game’s Afoot” is just the ticket to ease you from lazy summer into bu...
Aaron Hunt, New City Stage     Read the full review
"The Opening Night Audience Laughed Hysterically and Loud!"
Drury Lane’ s current offering, Ken Ludwig’s 2012 Mystery Writers of Edgar Allen Poe award winning murder mystery farce The Game’s Afoot has much going for it except the script. The gorgeous art deco set by Kevin Depinet steals much of the focus and provides the perfect setting for the murder myste...
James Murray, Showbiz Chicago     Read the full review
"'The Game’s Afoot' Delivers Satisfying Doses of Suspense and Silliness in Equal Measure!"
Director William Osetek’s solid cast mines every ounce of humor the script has to offer, from delightful puns to frantic feats of physical comedy. Machinations involving an uncooperative corpse that refuses to remain hidden alone are worth the price of admission....
Tom Witom, Lake County Suburban Life     Read the full review
"Well-Acted and Funny... I Highly Recommend this Evening of Entertainment!"
As for the set design – it is inspired. The art deco feel of the nineteen thirties made me want to jump in and lay on the couch with the rest of the cast. The secret room mechanism is cool. The snowy and forested scenery staged outside the window enhances the mood of isolation and winter....
Robin Kuss, Chicago Splash Magazine     Read the full review
"Drury Lane is lavishly pulling out all the casting and production values stops with this comedy!"
Director William Osetek has certainly found a wonderful cast to make the funny material shine like a polished gem. Alene Robertson as Gillette's exhausted mother, Martha, can move the audience to hysterics with just a well-timed scowl or eye-roll. And Wendy Robie's eminently proper and elegant turn ...
Scott C. Morgan, Windy City Times     Read the full review